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List of blocks by ICTS

This is a chronological list of (legit) domains (or email addresses) erraneously blocked by ICTS Security Coordination, maintained by me personally. Both the date and the last hop in a traceroute are indicated as well.

This is a list of false-positive blocks that I could verify. ICTS is often asked to remove them, and usually does just that. Most (if not all) of the domains below are now reachable again.

If you encounter another block, send me an email (pee see why at ulyssis dot org) or ping me (‘pcy’) on IRC (or #ulyssis on ircs://irc.ulyssis.org:6668) so I can verify it. Or send one to ICTS so it can be resolved.

Newer first

Those before having made this list, but I still remember these

  • VTK email (2018-03-18) (email filter, not an IP block)
  • fork.sh (and the rest of Vultr) (2018-02-18)
  • bhack.net (the entire /24 block)

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