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Here’s an incomplete list of stuff I worked on.



  • “I’d just like to interject for a moment”: A 512-byte Linux framebuffer intro that totally didn’t lose at Evoke or anything. It displays an image of rms and plays the Free Software Song.
  • Some stuff that doesn’t deserve to be mentioned.
  • More soontm

tools, barebones

  • norjohe: a ‘linker’ for static binaries with minimal ELF headers.
  • visygau: a bunch of programs and scripts made to make developing stuff for framebuffer devices a little easier
  • zmk: run a program as soon as a file is saved to. Useful for rapid prototyping when lacking a repl.
  • zmicirvei: a script that creates a git commit as soon as a file in the repo is modified. Useful when partycoding (and other stressful situations).

reversing & modding

  • Altar.NET: GameMaker: Studio file unpacker, bytecode disassembler and decompiler. Probably the most ‘feature’-complete unpacker I know of. File format docs are hosted elsewhere on this website.
  • mntotex: A program that converts MuPAD notebooks to LaTeX documents. (Using MATLAB is obligatory at KU Leuven, and I think this policy is unacceptable, so I wrote this converter.)
  • unpack-xnb: An .xnb file unpacker that doesn’t require XNA/FNA (or .NET in general) to be installed. Fails to parse compressed files, though, for some unknown reason.
  • Prism [dead]: A modloader for Terraria that attempted to have a less hacky API than its predecessors. Uses MSIL injection and other cool stuff I can talk way too long about. It failed due to internal disputes and the exitence of an alternative, tModLoader.
  • tAPI, tConfig [discontinued]: modloaders for Terraria 1.2 and 1.1, respectively. I didn’t do that much work, but I was in the dev teams nonetheless.
  • I have also made some tAPI and tConfig mods, but I don’t want to list them here because they deserve to die in peace, in the dusty corner of my HDD.


  • sspt: Half a package manager. Used to keep track of upstream repos I use, to pull and compile the sources automatically when a new ‘version’ is available.
  • kibystu: This website, and a — very tiny — static site generator.
  • dotfiles: My dotfiles.
  • PokeApi.NET: A .NET library for Pokéapi, made very long ago. Somehow, people still use this.

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